A Focus on the Americas



Maddex has served in many capacities for domestic and foreign companies, large engineering firms as well as small locally focused construction corporations.  He understands the ever changing dynamics of project conditions and has the skills to adjust to the geography and political landscapes.


His work has been performed in virtually every state in the United States including, both contiguous border countries of Mexico and Canada, as well as Central and South America. And while his strongest and deepest set of knowledge is within the Americas,  work has been performed in the UK, the Phillipines and select Euro locations with good success.  


Clients served have included small and large municipal clients, private for profit and non profit entities, non governmental organizations and third party stakeholders to the engineering and construction process. 


From nations and major cities, multi-billion dollar multi-nationals to mid sized closely held regional entities, NGO's and more Maddex's advice has proven vital and well received, time and time again.