Flexible Services.... Data Driven.... with an Experienced Perspective


Maddex has worked on an impressive string of Transactions involving Hospitals, Courthouses,  Heavy Civil Public Works. Highways, Industrial Plants, Power Plants, Water & WasteWaster Treatment Facilities, Surface and Underground Mining, Airports, Tunnels, Tall Towers and more.  When confidentiality and commitment to understanding whether a project is constructible at the stated levels of confidence or not...Maddex is there for you.


Value for Money

Bill brings a duty of care to each Client. Value for Money is a confidential, comprehensive and timely perspective that is grounded in a fundamental understanding of the nature of the transaction that requires it.  Maddex has been a key participant in a wide variety of market segments.  Market changes have driven many industry players into arenas they are not entirely conversant in. Maddex has been there to assist Clients through the complexities in a down to earth easy to digest manner.  Maddex produces precisely what is expected, he brings an unsurpassed value to every project.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Order out of chaos. Maddex can provide guidance on where to start, where to look, and best of all, produce a candid reasoning with a unique perspective that often sheds light on issues that others may not see. When you are looking to acquire an asset Maddex has experience in understanding the viability of the outcomes as represented at any stage of the design or constructive process,  When looking to merge or acquire an ongoing entity Maddex knows what to look for and how to assess the prospect with an eye to finding the strengths and weaknesses that may be crucial to the desired outcome. 


Mediate, Arbitrate, Litigate

When the best laid plans don't work out as intended.  Maddex is a potent resource to aid the recovery efforts in a solid and pragmatic way.  He knows that some projects are executed with less than favorable outcomes and has the experience to understand why. Advocacy towards fairness and equity are often skewed by wishful thinking and inadequate preparation. A thorough review of the facts, evidence and contractual basis for claims and assertions are performed in a comprehensive manner and summarized in clear and easy to understand ways.  From bolts to BIM, Maddex brings experience and winning style to every case for final adjudication.