Cost, Schedule, Risk. PreConstruction and Monitoring.....


When creating a fixed asset you require certainty in outcome from the constructive process yet this is difficult to achieve. Maddex understands the processes of building at every level.  As an equity investor, public owner or provider of professional service you need a trusted and reliable source of experience on your side. Maddex provides candid perspectives based on data that drive your decisions in the directions you intend. 

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cost estimator

Estimating Cost

construction schedule


construction risk

Risk Assessment

Estimates may be created or analyzed at any stage of development: from conceptual through detail. Maddex understands and uses the latest technological solutions coupled with years of experience as a certified professional estimator to provide Clients with accurate estimates and analysis of construction costs. All project types and delivery methods are well understood.  Each project has unique characteristics that afford an approach that is well suited to its needs. Understanding the alphabet soup of choices available and advice on appropriate means from inception though contracts closeout is a highly valuable capability Bill offers. 

Schedules affect cost and construction cost is a time dependent variable. Maddex understands the symbiotic relationship between construction sequencing, production duration and the cost of performance. Using an integrated perspective of time and cost via scheduling techniques and logic solutions assures confidence that assertive projections of time to complete your projects as you desire can be achieved.  Results are conveyed in easy to understand ways that help you make the best decisions possible. Resource loading, life cycle, earned value and project tracking are pervasive elements well understood by Maddex as keys to successful programs.

Risk is always present in any constructive endeavor. Maddex has an outstanding record of ascertaining the risks buoyed by successful outcomes.  Safe work environments are afforded via the proper allocation of cost and time durations. Maddex takes pride in a long track record of risk identification within the construction environment from jobsite to boardroom. Advice on financial outcomes and the associated risks of investment has been well appreciated by large numbers of satisfied Clients. A unique ability to identify and convey the risk profile of any scope of work via easy to understand terms is a hallmark of Maddex's experience.